Thursday, October 29, 2015

What We Been Up To...

Hi everyone we haven't been in here for a while so much has been going on, We have been really busy we have moved into a new place, The place is beautiful over looking the beach. Gucci also love the new place but it did take him a little to get use to the place now he loves to sit on the terrace & watch the beach & beautiful view we have. Gucci is doing really good, our place has it's own dog run which he goes & plays in he has met lots & lots of friends so he's a pretty Happy Dog if I do say so myself :o) 
During in the middle of our move I ended up in the hospital for an emergency surgery, I had to remove my gallbladder, one night I was in so much pain that it wouldn't go away. During my stay at the hospital I was missing Gucci & my husband was telling me that Gucci was feeling really sad wouldn't stop looking around for me, When I came home he didn't leave my side he stayed and cuddled me as I had to take it easy & get lots of rest to recover. I'm now feeling better and getting back into work & etc 

Thank you for visiting our Blog & come back soon I will be back again posting more often now I sure missed posting in here 

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