Friday, March 13, 2015

Update On Gucci

On Tuesday I took Gucci to go get groomed, he was starting to get a bit matted on his belly & his hair was getting to long so it was time for a clean up. I was trying to wait til it would stop snowing cause this winter it has been snowing every week & it's been a really cold winter here, I had started seeing a little dry red patch the size of a dime on his belly & seen he has been scratching, So I tried to cool it down with a bath & it seems he was getting better. The day of his grooming he almost didn't get groomed cause I got a call from the shop giving me the run around long story short this is the 2nd time my appointment gets pushed back & they try to convince me to reschedule when I call in days in advance to make the appointment, I got the run around that the person before that had the appointment just goes on to decide to groomer her 2nd dog without an appointment for the 2nd dog, So here I am getting screw cause of there bad service,Well this time around I really was highly upset not only was my appointment push again but the girl who works in the front came out of the grooming room telling me that if I knew my dog had a skin infection all over his body. I said no all I know is he had a little dry patch not all over his body she did not let me see him so here I was now 20 mins after her telling me this I was freaking out, the second my dog came out I looked at his belly it was beat red all over his belly I wasn't sure if it was just razor burn from the clippers but I really didn't think so, So I ran over to his vet which was near by & I was glad that they took us & treated Gucci very good they gave him a steroids shot to help with his itch & antibiotics which he also was running a fever, The lab test results came in today & turned out that Gucci got staph infection, He was giving the proper meds the night I took him in so he is now starting to feel better his belly is healing, I'm glad his vet took very good care of him unlike his groomer which we are now looking for a new one I refuse to to crate him because of there mistake they have done to me 2 times in a row & this time around I was treated badly, You DO NOT say that my dog has something & then not take me to him so I can see what the problem was but she left me waiting for about 20 mins, YOU DON'T DO THAT

Please post your well wishes for Gucci below he would love to read them 

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