Thursday, November 6, 2014

Chilly Days

we haven't been posting here in awhile been very busy, Hope everyone had a great Halloween I didn't dress Gucci up cause we didn't go no where we stayed home & relaxed that night. Gucci is doing better with his stress/anxiety but the second he hears the slightest noise (it's such a tiny sound) from the refrigerator he starts to shake, I have been noticing that it's not the loud noise he really is scared cause he doesn't care when he hears the leaf blowers outside & he's fine. ever since my refrigerator has an ice maker every noise that comes from there he starts to shake & climbs up my leg & he stresses for more or less an hour which has gotten better cause before it would have been 3 or more hours. I'm hoping within time he will see it's harmless and wouldn't care about the noise, I have also been noticing that he hangs around in the same room when the blow dryer is on most of the time he's not scared or ever was scared of the blow dryer it just seems to annoy him, but lately I see him for time to time he just hangs around 
In the pic below we were just being silly he loves to cuddle in my blanket 

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