Thursday, August 21, 2014

Update On Gucci

Sorry we haven't updated the site in awhile, Gucci has gotten use to the kitchen now but he still fears the ice maker & Thunder he seems to be stressed every single night where he pants heavy but he only does this at night during the day he is normal, I have tried a lot of product for the past month & half and I think I found something tonight & hoping it helped, I will be working on a video what has worked and what really hasn't done nothing very soon, If you have a dog who is scared/stressed please contact me on what do you do to help the matter 

Here is a pic of him tonight after starting to calm down after I used something on him (will share with you all very soon) 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What We Have Been Up To

It's been a really busy month Gucci seems to still be scared of thunder but good thing we haven't had a lot of thunder storms, But every single night he seem to be stressed when he lays on the couch with us he looks like he is breathing heavy but this only happens at night during the daytime he is fine normal, I don't know why he is feeling like this at night. 

If your dog has done this what did you do please share with me I'm looking for things to calm him down & as of now what I have been trying hasn't worked at all 

But everything else with him has been ok, I will keep looking for something to calm him & I really hope that I will find something soon been trying for a little over a month now with products that hasn't helped , I will be having an upcoming video to share with you all what I have tried & my thoughts about them