Sunday, January 24, 2016

Blizzard of 2016

Hi Everyone hope you all are staying warm, we had a nasty blizzard yesterday we got hit with about 24" of snow. Gucci loves the snow and he couldn't wait to go out in it & play. We couldn't open the terrace screen at first cause of the snow drift so when I got it opened and began to clean up the door area Gucci just ran right out there and started rolling in the snow rubbing his face in it with his pj's on (pic below)

Later on that evening I decided to take him downstairs to our dog run so he could play in the snow there, we didn't stay there for to long cause the wind was pretty bad that Gucci ran right behind me & didn't want to walk anymore so I had to carry him inside & the whole time while I was getting to our front door to our lobby he was crying cause he didn't like the strong wind, neither did I so we ran inside 

For anyone that doesn't know we live right on the beach & yesterday the high tide got as far as the boardwalk which was very close  but we are so glad that it didn't go any much further

Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Hi everyone hope you all had a great Holiday, Gucci sure did :o) Gucci's new thing to do was that he had to always go under the Christmas Tree and ruffle up the Tree skirt and when he came out from under the tree I knew he was under it cause there was so many pine needles sitting right on top of his back lol, He always knows how to make me laugh
so now that the holiday season is over we are now ready for the Spring/Summer season to come we haven't had much of a winter here but it sure starting to change it's getting really cold here at the beach & I don't know who hates the cold more Gucci or Me 

Gucci loves to cuddle on the couch with my blanket & stay warm