Monday, June 23, 2014

What We Have Been Up To

Hi everyone sorry I have been MIA been very busy with renovation work around the house & after we finished the big work some of you may already know that I have been dealing with Gucci not adjust to well with the renovation, He has been scared everyday at nosies that he never was scared of like thunder,fireworks,leaf blower & etc. It takes me hours to calm him down where he starts to shake & panting a lot cause he is scared, He is now getting better I can get him to calm down within minutes now, What is helping is his thunder shirt with calming spray on the collar of the shirt & if his feeling really scared I use some calming drops on a treat & add some to his water & I sit down on the floor & whisper to him which calms him, But we have seen an improving  in the past 4 days now, He still gets a little clingy to me when I have to take a shower, He will sit in the bathroom & wait til I'm finished & that's mostly when he gets clingy he has never done that til he started Saturday

I want to thank you all who have been contacting me & asking about Gucci & keeping us in your thoughts & prayers it means a lot to us & Gucci also says Thank You Bark Bark 

Gucci will be back next week with his pictures :o)